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Care Chiropractic Clinic : Your Visits

Your First Visit to Our Mandeville Practice

Mandeville Chiropractor : Examination

Your Case History will be discussed and x-rays will be taken.

The Examination

Patients can expect to be seen promptly, and while necessary, paperwork is kept to a minimum. After the initial intake, a patient will meet the Dr. Gravel and be escorted by her to an examination room. A thorough examination will be performed at this time. Case history will be discussed and x-rays will be taken.

After this examination, the patient will most likely be given some therapeutic modalities and invited to return the next day for a complete report of the Doctor’s findings. This whole experience will normally take less than an hour. Patients will be best served if they bring their insurance cards with them to their first visit.

Your Second Visit to Our Mandeville Practice

The Report of Finding

The second visit will take somewhere around 20 minutes. Dr. Nancy will give you her report of finding, recommend treatment, and treatment will begin. Patients will continue rehabilitation therapy and then have their first targeted adjustment.

Your Regular Visit to Our Mandeville Practice

Most visits take less than 15 minutes. Very little wait time is experienced, rehabilitation therapy, exercises, and the adjustment will all be performed. Then the next visit will be scheduled and, of course, payment will be made for the services rendered.

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