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What to Expect During BrainCore Therapy

Thorough Evaluation & Scientific Results

Before commencing therapy, Dr. Nancy will:

    • evaluate your intake form
    • review your condition with you
    • map your brain using a cap with 12 sensors
    • oversee computerized analysis of your delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwaves
    • determine where your brain is experiencing wave dysregulation
    • review with you a report depicting the magnitude and symmetry of your brainwaves
    • explain therapy and how it can help
    • discuss treatment length and payment options


Highly Customized & Painless Treatment

Treatments Include:

  • Placement of sensors on the skull at the places mapped in your first appointment.
  • A 10-minute relaxation session to prepare your brain for therapy.
  • Therapy which requires you to view a movie, game or puzzle while relaxing and re-training your brain.

Actual BrainCore sessions last about 30 min, so you can expect to be in the office for a total of 45 minutes for each therapeutic visit.

If so, you may be a candidate for BrainCore Therapy. Call to schedule a free consultation or fill out our intake form online. full-divider

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