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How Does BrainCore Work?

Non-invasive, painless neurofeedback therapy

You can think of BrainCore neurofeedback as guided exercise for your brain.
Dr. Nancy Gravel

BrainCore Therapy is a type of biofeedback which makes a permanent change made in the brain, causing many neurological conditions to resolve with a 70-80% success rate! Our goal is to help patients get off the medications they are using to control these issues so that they can live a healthy lifestyle. Once we train the brain to function with a normal brain wave pattern, all neurological conditions improve.

Through a series of simple steps, we:

  • identify dysregulated brainwave patterns
  • begin to retrain the brain to generate waves correctly
  • strengthen neurons that are working properly
  • build new neural pathways

If so, you may be a candidate for BrainCore Therapy. Call to schedule a free consultation or fill out our intake form online.


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