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Care Chiropractic Clinic FAQ

Dr. Nancy Gravel hears many questions from new and current chiropractic patients.  Here are answers to some of the most common questions is asked…

Frequently Asked Questions Apple

Mandeville Chiropractors are often asked…Will my insurance cover chiropractic?


Can chiropractic help me?

Depending upon your condition, most patients can be helped. After a thorough consultation, examination and x-ray of your complaint Dr. Gravel will follow with a report of findings that discusses her expectations of your response to conservative chiropractic care.

How much will it cost?

Your cost will be dependent on the length of treatment, the course of treatment and your response to care. We offer a payment plan to all patients so as to provide care that is affordable to everyone.

How long will it take for chiropractic to help me?

Your response to chiropractic care varies and depends on your health goals. Typically, fast responders take eight to ten visits, moderate responders take twelve to fourteen and slow responders take fifteen to twenty-four. Of most importance is achieving your health goals and living a pain-free life.

Will insurance cover my chiropractic care?

Most insurances cover chiropractic care. There is no referral needed from your medical doctor. Our office staff will verify your insurance to know the specifics of your plan. We will file your insurance and collect your deductible and co-pay.

We’re happy to field phone calls to answer any question not answered here.  Call our Mandeville practice today!

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