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BrainCore Therapy Testimonials

BrainCore Therapy and ADHD

Kevin was diagnosed with ADHD in November of 2016. The school constantly called me to pick him up, and he was suspended several times. As a mother, it was the hardest pill to swallow to put him on medication. I went through depression and had many sleepless nights as I watched the medicine take over my son. I realized that my once happy and jolly child became a sad and lifeless individual. Kevin lost a ton of weight, and he was always moody and irritated. We tried different medications and nothing worked for him.

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The medication that was used to control ADHD had to be taken with another medication to control the side effects. My dad heard about BrainCore Therapy on the radio, and I decided to give it a try. I now sacrifice driving two days out the week bringing him to Mandeville for sessions. About a month ago, I realized that Kevin was acting out more and I made the decision as a mother to start decreasing the intake.

As of yesterday, Kevin is now completely off of the medication and this is the best feeling in the world. His appetite has increased, he is now going to bed on time and the son that I once had has returned! I am not ashamed to say that my son has ADHD because I love him unconditionally.

Although some individuals may need it, medication is not the answer for everyone with ADHD! Besides prayer, BrainCore Therapy was the best decision for my son and I highly recommend it! I just want to thank my family and friends for the support and prayers! To the ones that me or my mom have cried to plenty of times lol, thanks for just listening and keeping us sane.

P.S. When he started 2nd grade this year, he was at a first grade level. After five months, he is now at a 2nd grade level and is on par with the rest of the students. He is on level and being promoted to 3rd grade!!

Tiffany – January 2017


For nearly half of my life, I have suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia. In my adult years, it was increasingly difficult to hold down a job, or maintain healthy relationships due to constant anxiety and mood swings. In 2000, I started on medication to manage the symptoms associated with these disorders. Over time, additional prescriptions were added to treat the adverse effects of the medication itself. At one point, I was taking five separate medications daily, just to function as normal.

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I was introduced to BrainCore by Dr. Nancy Gravel in late 2013. At the start of the therapy, my level of insomnia, anxiety and rumination were approximately an 8 on a 10 point scale. The sessions, which occur 2 or 3 times per week, are both easy and enjoyable. At the completion of the first ten sessions, a “re-mapping” was performed, which showed a positive change of over 20% in the way that my brain was functioning.

In the course of just two short months, I have noticed a huge change in my way of thinking, mood, and even energy level. My insomnia, anxiety and rumination have decreased in frequency and intensity, dropping to about a 2 on the same scale. Likewise, I have noticed a marked rise in motivation, attention, and positive thinking. I have also successfully discontinued any, and all, use of medication, and have secured a full-time job. I am excited and hopeful for the future. Life is good.

Katelyn P. – May 2014

Neuro Feedback is Changing My Life

My life has been filled with challenges … rheumatic fever at age 4, with permanent heart damage, depression as long as I can remember, multiple heart and lung surgeries, surgery for a shattered elbow, a pace maker and more. As a 65-year-old grandmother of five, two of whom I have been raising for six years, I’ve had my share of emotional challenges. Their mother was born deaf and 3 years ago had a severe stroke. The two grandsons I am raising have autism and ADHD/ADD. I’ve been treated for depression with medications for 28 years with little success.

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Raising my two grandsons with their diagnoses, I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve their lives. I heard about Neuro Feedback over a year ago, but recently started researching it. After reading how it had helped others, I decided I needed this help just as much as they did – but I felt guilty putting myself first. After being mapped, I knew I had to do it. Extreme depression and anxiety were indicated. My husband had watched me suffer for so long and insisted that I do this A.S.A.P. I started therapy the next week.

My first treatment went well. Within the next day, I noticed I did not feel as tired and could hear my brain telling me, “You can do this”. It seemed weird…I’d never heard that before. After each treatment, I could notice differences…more tolerance, less moodiness, more patience and positivity, less stress and sleeping better. It seemed to be helping. I was really surprised at these rapid changes.

After my fifth treatment, an unexpected change occurred. I could completely close my right hand that had been damaged when I shattered my elbow in December, 2005. Before this treatment, I could not grip anything, let alone close my hand. Writing was a contorted mess. (I’m right handed.) I never expected this. I called Dr. Nancy to tell her and see if this change could be from the Neuro Feedback. She confirmed, with excitement, that it sure would seem to be. After all, why this sudden change after 9 years?

I’m so pleased with all the results/changes that have taken place. I awake each morning waiting to see what will happen next! Plus, I love doing the therapy with this staff. They are so helpful, positive and supportive. I thank God daily for these blessings.

-A grateful wife and grandmother – January 2015


Our 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and received many behavioral reports from school. She had difficulty sitting still in her chair, was angry, easily distracted, and had incontinent episodes daily. Her handwriting was difficult to interpret.

We found out about Brain Core Therapy through my husband’s chiropractic sessions at the Care Clinic. After hearing about the price, we wondered if it was worth it for her to receive the therapy. After praying about it and giving it much thought, we decided to give it a try. If there was a chance that our daughter could get better, we wanted to take that chance and would not know if it worked if she did not receive the therapy.

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After a couple of weeks, we noticed that her mood was different. She was happier and a different child. Family members and others noticed the change too. Communicating with her was so different. Over the past several months, her handwriting and grades have improved. She does not have any more incontinent episodes.

Thanks so much to Dr. Nancy and her staff for their patience in waiting for us to make a decision, working with our daughter one on one, giving her the positive strokes during each therapy session, and treating her as one of their own.

-A very happy family


Dr. Nancy told me about the Neurofeedback treatment while I was seeing her as a chiropractic patient for the aches and pains related to Lyme. Since my symptoms weren’t improving, I was willing to give Neurofeedback a try.

Dr. Nancy and I decided to do an initial 20 treatments and to evaluate the effectiveness before proceeding with additional treatments. Initially, I had very mild headaches after the first few treatments and noticed becoming sleepy. As the treatments progressed, I noticed my general mood and disposition lifting and becoming more light-hearted. Although my initial assessment did not show signs of depression, I believe that dealing with Lyme pain long term has unnoticeable taken its toll. I am extremely pleased with the results. It has given me a remarkable more positive outlook on life. I highly recommend Neurofeedback.




Apraxia of Speech

As the mother of a child with apraxia of speech, a neurological speech disorder, and developmental delays, I am always in search of ways to improve her quality of life. Amanda is 10 years old and responded so well to BrainCore Therapy.

My goals for her were to improve her attention, to help her sleep better, and hopes of her learning to read. She far exceeded all my expectations. The most remarkable improvement was in her speech and language. She began using words and phrases she had never even attempted before. She was able to learn spelling words and write them for a test which was a difficult task before BrainCore.

I choose to have Amanda treat with BrainCore even though she would not allow a mapping, and I am so thrilled I did. Dr. Nancy and her team made Amanda feel comfortable, and she loved going to her sessions. BrainCore has made a HUGE difference in Amanda’s life and our entire family.

-Tara M.

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